" You can find Niittykahvila Cafe of the Silent People on the shoulder of the road by an old hayfield where the clothes of the peat-headed figures flap in the wind and where the wafting aromas of fire-brewed coffee invite you in. "

Niittykahvila Cafe of the Silent People offers an unforgettable experience for all motorists driving along Highway 5.

If you need a cup of coffee between Suomussalmi and Kuusamo, this is the place to visit! Come and taste our proper fire-brewed, kettle coffee and delicious butter-baked Finnish crepes.We open our café for summer normally at 3th of June. We have a lot of outdoor tables and seats at the terrace around the fire place. So it´s easy to keep safety distances and have a good experience with us. We also do everything to keep our place clean and we disinfect every touch points several times a day observing the mount of customers.

We can cater for groups at short notice and serve lunch with a little more notice (2 weeks).

Our cafe have seats for 90 visitors at the terrace during summer time and normally in Meadow Cottage 50, but due to korona virus, just 25 seat can be filled at the time. But in summer time there are some 20 seats at the terrace of the Meadow Cottage.

In addition to Finnish crepes, the cafe offers salty snacks, refreshments, ice cream, northern delicacies, local products, nice souvenirs and lunch for groups.

Embrace of Mother nature Lunch is available every day in 2022 from 21th of June until 7th of August from am 12 to 4 pm. Herbs from meadow around the cottage, other local ingredienses and freshly baked organic bread garantees the pure symphony of tastes.

Pleace make a reservation in advance if you have a group more than 10 person.

Sustainable and ecological travelling is our main principle and we are together with Vist Finland developing Sustainable Travelling.

Please come healthy!

Meadow Cottage restaurant provides service to groups all year round!

Niittykahvila Cafe can now provide service to travellers with a wider range of needs and in any weather thanks to our new Meadow Cottage.

You can book us all year round:

  • Fire-brewed kettle coffee and Finnish crepes
  • Lunch
  • Meetings
  • Celebrations

Reservations and more information:
tel. +358 (0)50 362 0609 / Ritva

OR with Reservation Form.>