Friendly to the environment

Niittykahvila Café of the Silent People offers the chance to try walking on duckboards. The customer service area is covered with planks, not because the ground is wet, but because the aim is to save the ground from erosion.

The meadow environment lies at the core of all café operations; we not only respect and preserve it, but we also gain constant inspiration from it. We are a tiny part of a wonderful ecosystem, and our cornerstone is to nurture it.

The duckboards are made from second grade planks, which serve the purpose well but save building costs.The leading principle in all our operations is to save and respect the environment. We use eco-labelled products as much as possible and ensure cleanliness using environmentally-friendly products.

We are friendly to the environment also by favouring local materials, products and services. The herbs in our salads are true local food, as they are foraged from the field surrounding the house.

In salads, we use common sorrel and rosebay willowherb leaves and flowers, lady’s mantle and ground elder. Early in the spring, we also use young rosebay willowherb shoots like asparagus.