How does dry wood sound?

Can you tell dry and damp wood from each other by the sound of clicking two logs together? Dry wood makes a high, hard sound, but the sound of damp wood is softer.

It is almost like meditation to watch the flames dancing in the fireplace.A coffee pot, blackened by smoke in the fire, looks pretty and picturesque.

In this day and age of trendy speciality coffees, traditional Finnish coffee brewed in the pot has become a rarity, and fire-brewed kettle coffee is a rare speciality, linking us to the chain of a couple of hundred years of Finnish coffee heritage.

Renewable energy

In the Meadow Café, both coffee and small savoury delicacies are always made on open fire in summer. The fireplace, specifically designed and made by order for the Meadow Café, is always heated with dry birch wood.

Firewood is also used in the Meadow Cottage. Almost 70 per cent of all energy required for the activities is produced with firewood.

The firewood for the Niittykahvila Café of the Silent People are made by Kainuun Kuutamokeikat, a company providing employment for locals. The firewood is transported to the café in connection with ridesharing. Over a year, we consume 40 cubic metres of firewood – all placed in a line, it would make 40 metres of one metre high and wide rectangular stacks.

All electricity which is needed is produced from renewable sources.