Welcome to the land of Finnish crepes.

The Finnish crepes of Niittykahvila Cafe are baked in real butter to ensure delicious, crispy and lacy edges.

The classic duo of Niittykahvila Cafe is a muurinpohja-crepe (large griddle crepe) with fire-roasted kettle coffee. This classic gains new friends every year.

Authentic flavours are topped off with the aromas of smoke as we make all our crepes and coffee on an open fire. We trust in the use of real butter and well-roasted coffee. You won’t find another cafe quite like ours: The quiet messages of the Silent People, memories echoing from the old hay field, authentic flavours born on the open fire, groups of international travellers and cheerful service all meet here at the edge of this field.

In addition to Finnish crepes, the cafe offers salty snacks, refreshments, ice cream, northern delicacies, local products, nice souvenirs and lunch for groups.

You can crown your unique stay by spending the night in our hay barn, for free!

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