We will never stop serving fire-roasted kettle coffee or Finnish crepes.

We offer savoury crepes if you want to try something other than raspberry jam. The filling options are ham-reindeer and veggie. Many other local delicacies are also on offer!

TupaRulla (CottageRoll) and HiukoPala (Snack) are the best options if you fancy something salty. TupaRulla includes house goutweed pesto and HiukoPala features house organic buns.

Every summer we bake organic salmon loaves that are sure to fill your bellies with freshly-baked goodness. :) And when you get thirsty, the best option is to drink local wild strawberry lemonade. If that doesn’t tickle your taste buds, nothing will! :) You can also taste our rowan leaf drink that is rich in vitamins.

The most essential of all summer delicacies is, naturally, ice cream. We offer velvety delights brought to you straight from local farms.

The traditional Finnish summer vegetable, the sausage, can be cooked over an open fire. We also offer sausages made from reindeer meat.

Our Meadow Shop provides all kinds of natural delicacies, organic products, something to eat and drink, utensils, amusements, care and style.

All of our offerings have two things in common: they are local and of high quality. Come to feast at the edge of the field.
Our rowan leaf juice has been a positive surprise for many people. You can also quench your thirst with our local blueberry juice with the taste of real blueberries.

The local strawberry lemonade is also sure to be a treat.