Peat-heads and cotton-grasses Art exhibition


Peat-heads and cotton-grasses

Art exhibition in the Meadow Cottage of the Silent People in Suomussalmi 2020

“Figures of the Silent People have jumped from their package field on the walls!”


Anna-Liisa Helttunen has hung her silk paintings on the walls of the cosy

Meadow Cottage. On display and for sale there are paintings that can be used

as decorative panels as well as new unique silk paintings and silk scarves.


Helttunen has painted on silk other oddities of Suomussalmi, too, for example

shamanistic figures of Värikallio of Hossa.  In addition to this Hossa theme

some of her delicate silk paintings of cotton-grasses are on display.


All paintings are also available as postcards.


In the 1990’s painting on silk was a new and fascinating type of craft art. At that time

and until 2011 Anna-Liisa Helttunen taught silk painting basics in several popular

courses at the Kianta-Opisto Civic Center.


Peat-heads and cotton grasses -sales exhibition is open during the opening hours of

Niittykahvila-Café from June 3 to September 27.

It is located 30 kilometres north of the Suomussalmi municipality center




1/14/20Embrace of Mother Nature Lunch June 24th -August 9th 2020
5/30/20Peat-heads and cotton-grasses Art exhibition