The views from Meadow Cottage play an essential part in the atmosphere.

When Meadow Cottage was built in the field of the Silent People in 2014, the old cabin in Suomussalmi came back to life. This is a great place for travellers on Highway 5 to stop for a cup of coffee or lunch.

They are sure to taste incredible inside the log cabin by the fire. The summers in Finland can sometimes be a bit chilly so you can curl up by the fire inside the cabin with crepes and fire-roasted kettle coffee and admire the Silent People through the windows.

At Meadow Cottage, you can organise family celebrations, bachelor or hen parties, corporate team building, education and recreational activities or, for example, class reunions.

Meadow Cottage provides service for groups all year round!
Contact us and we can plan your events together!

Embrace of Mother Nature Lunch every day from 21th of June until 7th of August.

Meadow Cottage is an excellent venue for all kinds of events:


The old logs of the cottage have witnessed countless birthdays, bachelor and hen parties, retirement parties, weddings, reunions and all the emotions that come with them.

The Silent People, dressed according to each season, quietly follow these celebrations through the windows of the cottage.

The light shed on the Silent People creates a mysterious atmosphere during dark nights.

We can even plan programs for your celebrations.

These parties are truly something to remember!

Meetings and Corporate Retreats

When you need a quiet place for meetings, Meadow Cottage is the place for you. We offer the right solutions for business meetings.

Does your work community need a boost of creativity?

Come to the cradle of creativity and empowerment.

Come to the Meadow Cottage of the Silent People!

Let’s plan together!

Meadow menu and Lunch Buffet

You can book dining in this magical environment for your group (over 15 persons).

Memories from the past and the freshness of the present moment are combined in our nostalgic options. Our dishes Perinteistä Kauraa (Traditional Oats), Kuvun Täytettä Haravatytölle (Something to eat for the Rake Girl) and Heinämiehen Puolinen Lentolavalla (Haymaker’s Supper) already tell their own tales about the old haymaking tradition.

Embrace of Mother nature Lunch Buffet is available every day from 24th of June until 9th of August from am 12 to 4 pm. Herbs from meadow around the cottage, other local ingredienses and freshly baked organic bread garantees the pure symphony of tastes.

Pleace make a reservation in advance if you have a group more than 10 person.

We offer gluten-free and lactose-free options as well.

Ask for a quote!

We offer gluten-free and lactose-free options as well.

Pre-Christmas Parties

The Christmas spirit is awakened in the easy-going mood of the softly-lit Meadow Cottage.

All the best stories about haymaking, home elves and Christmas traditions come to mind while sitting by the lively fire.

You can enjoy the atmosphere of the darkening evenings and watch how the sparks glimmer against the night sky.
During the winter, the sight of the Silent People covered in snow is unique and memorable.

You can relax and be present in the now while we tell you the story of the Silent People.
Menus of Hämärän hyssy (a Finnish saying meaning the time when you are not sure if you should turn on the lights or not) are meant for groups of 20–50 persons. We offer gluten-free and lactose-free options as well. We can arrange a quiz about haymaking traditions for your entertainment. Singing Christmas songs while eating also sets the mood. If you wish to have additional activities, please contact us and we can plan your event together!

We have developed our skills in organising Pre-Christmas parties as well. Indoor toilets are adjacent to the cottage, so we can offer meeting, celebration and event services throughout the year in the warmth of Meadow Cottage.

Reservations two weeks in advance by e-mail.

Welcome to hold your Pre-Christmas party at Meadow Cottage!
We cooperate with Wild Taiga and we can be found on their list of various nature and culture service providers.

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