Let´s use it!

The building that houses the Meadow Cottage restaurant of Niittykahvila Meadow Café of the Silent People was originally built in 1957 about 40 kilometres away, and moved to the current location in 2014.

The aim was to use every single item found inside the old log house. The rugs were found in the attic and old objects are used as ornaments between the windowpanes and on the walls. In addition to the milk sieves and separator bowls, an old cartwheel is used as a chandelier in the ceiling.

Tables and benches were made from the ancient floor planks. Even old hay poles and hay pole pegs have been used as building material and ornaments. The Meadow Cottage patio has a balustrade made from hay poles and ornaments for the tables are crafted from hay pole pegs.

One of the timber-structured hay barns of the area was moved to the site from an old hay field and the two others were built on site by local craftsmen. Some of the canopies have been made in cooperation with environmental projects, and the site has provided an on-the-job-learning opportunity for local unemployed persons.