The Meadow Hotel is busy and buzzing

It has never been this easy and inexpensive to start a hotel business and become a hotel entrepreneur. The Meadow Cottage Meadow Hotel is an insect hotel made from recycled materials.

The insect hotel brings a piece of the Niittykahvila Meadow Café of the Silent People to your home because the bug hotels are made from wooden boxes, other bric-a-brac and natural materials found in the storerooms of the Meadow Café area.

The hotels may even become rare collector’s items because they are individually numbered. Hotel owners are kindly requested to take a photo of the hotel’s location and post it on Instagram using the hashtag #niittyhotelli to help us keep track of how far and wide our chain of hotels expands.

Quotation of the text given to hotel buyers

"Congratulations! You will now be saving the world with us. Many wild pollinator species are threatened. By giving a home to these species, you help secure diversity in the ecosystem.Place the hotel in a hot sunny location, close to berry bushes or your favourite blueberry spot. "